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Marshall, NC, United States
Hay Pritty Alpines is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. It all started 5 years ago with the purchace of our first three french alpine dariy goats and the rest is a story in telling.....Our email is

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Babies Babies Everywhere

Our first five does have kidded and we are happy to have ten healthy babies. Only three doelings so far. Helana is due to kid any day now followed by Arabella and then Kana. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a few more doe kids. I will be keeping three of by buck kids and the remaining four will be sold as weathers. One of those four should be kept as a buck, he is actually a very nicely put together kid and his mother, Hay Pritty Kito Monique is my second highest producing doe (2800 pds ) and places very well in the show ring. I may still consider him as a buck to sell. They are all cute little guys!! If you are interested in bottle fed weathers or bucklings with outstanding genetics they are ready to go to new homes. I will keep one of the three bucks for my farm and the other two will need to be sold. Hay Pritty Kipling Madeline gave me two of those three bucks. She freshened with a beautiful well attached high rear udder and a smoothly blended foreudder. She placed 5th at the ADGA National Show last year as a Sr. Yearling. She is a beautiful doe and I am very pleased with her udder. I am retaining one of her buck kids. Their sire is Brankton Revive Kenny.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kidding Season Is Almost Upon Us

Kidding is just around the corner...we have six does due to freshen around the middle of February. Monique, Migonne, Hattie, Madeline, Madeson and Denala are due to kid February 20th. Migonne pictured to the left is just about ready to pop.
It is time to get the playpens out and stock up on bottle nipples, towels and blankets. Kidding brings on a time of exhausting excitement for us. Having 6 does all kid in a week will be exhausting but it is nice to have your kids come in little batches. After our February kidding, Arabella and Helana are due to kid in March, then Netra and Essie in April and Heiress, Mila and Kikidee in June......Oh my we are going to be busy.
If you are interested in a doe or buck kid contact us directly by email or by phone. We can not keep as many doe kids as we did last year and we would love to have them go to wonderful homes that are interested in first and foremost taking exceptional care of their goat, interested in outstanding genetic lines and the potential to show, and owners that will keep in contact with me so I can keep track of the development of does and bucks produced from our herd.
We always stress taking outstanding care of your kids especially while they are growing their first year. There are great resources on the web about raising healthy kids. Kids will be available beginning mid March. We like to have kids leave the farm around 4-6 weeks of age. By this time they are well adjusted to the bottle/bucket and are eating hay and grain. They will have been on a coccocidia prevenative protocol, vaccinated for CD&T and received Selenium. Reserve a beautiful Hay Pritty kid today. or 828-656-2382

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Breedings

All of our does are finally bred!! We are breeding our last doe today.....June babies oh my!!
We will freshen 15 does this spring, well, beginning in Feb and ending in June.
I have 5 second fres
hening 2 almost 3 year old Purebred French Alpine does bred. These breeding are listed below. I will post each age group separate and information about the bucks. All of my Alpines and the bucks I use are Purebred French. All of the does
listed below received their *M this year. Our final DHIR records
are not in yet but Kana produced over 2700 pounds of milk in 263 days. Way to go Kana!! Kana pictured to the left as a dry yearling. Not the best picture but she is a beautiful, strong and powerful doe. LA 84

Brankton Manning Kana x Brankton Revive Kenny
Kids expected March 30, 2011
Brankton Kito Helana x Brankton Revive Kenny
Kids expected March 5, 2011
Brankton Kito Hattie x Brankton Karson Neehi
Kids expected February 17, 2011
Hay Pritty Kito Monique x Brankton Karson Neehi
Kids expected February 16, 2011
Iron-rod RS Arabella x Brankton Karson Neehi
Kids expected March 12, 2011

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 What an exciting year for Hay Pritty Alpines

2010 has been an exciting year for the Hay Pritty herd. We attended many shows including the national show in Louisville, the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh where 980 goats were in attendance, the Mountain State Fair and a few others. My girls did wonderfully. Hay Pritty Kipling Madeline was 5th in her class out of 47 at the National Show, Best Junior Doe in Show at the Spindale Dairy Goat Festival and GCH x 2. Her sister, Madeson, also went Best Junior Doe in Show at the Mountain State Fair. These dry yearlings are daughters out of Oakmoon Thoreau Mignonne aka. Daisy and Brankton Nike's Kipling. Mignonne was the first goat on the farm and has produced exceptional daughters since. Her daughter from 2010, Hay Pritty Kipling Mattiedodge, has been RGCH and placed in the top three of her class every time shown. These are some of our farm highlights for this year. We will have more to share soon.........

Brankton Kito Helana

Brankton Kito Helana
Helana is a beautiful yearling doe. She has received 1xGCH, 1st in class x 2

Resting in the barn

Resting in the barn